Rose Gold Bottle Ring Toss Game

Item Number 654
Quantity Available:1
15.00  to rent 

Original Ring Toss

Item Number 231
Quantity Available: 1
15.00 to rent 

Huge Jenga Game

Item number 876
Quantity Availabke: 1
15.00 to rent 


Item Number 2749
This set comes with beautiful wooden dice, and 2 clipboards with scoring sheets
10.00 to rent 

Corn hole  Boards

Item Number 82547
40.00 to rent 


Item Number 5001
15.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 85.00)

Tic- Tac- Toe

Item Number 5002
10.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 60.00) 

Bride and Groom Cornhole Boards

Item Number 6920
(Comes with bean bags)

30.00 to rent 

Giant Connect 4

Item Number 548
Very quiet compared to other Giant Connect 4 Pieces.

20.00 to rent 

Corn hole  set

Item number 3002
35.00 to rent 

Extra Large Jenga Game

Item Number 8886
2 available for rent 
15.00 each to rent 

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