Log Tiered Cupcake Stand 

Item Number 761
(Can hold approximately 30-35 cupcakes)
20.00 to rent 

14 inch Wooden Cake Stand 

Item Number 785
10.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 25.00)

Extra Large Cupcake Ladders

Item Number 563
2 Available to Rent 
Each will hold Approximately 75-80 cupcakes 
20.00 each to rent or rent both for 35.00
(Cost of Replacement: 60.00 each) 

Mocha Cake Stand Set 

Item Number 435
Includes 2 12" Mocha Beaded Cake Stands & Matching Candle Holder 
22.00 to rent the set
(Cost of Replacement: 65.00) 

Large Tiered Cake/ Cupcake Stand 

Item Number 568
Can hold Approximately 70-80  cupcakes depending on whether a cake is placed on top tier. 
30.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 150.00)

Large Cupcake/ Cake Tiered Display

Item number: 2629
This item can hold up to 175 cupcakes depending on whether you have a cake on the top tier. 
50.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 225.00) 

Cupcake Ladder

Item number 1011
The stand holds around 125 cupcakes 
30.00 to rent 

(Cost of Replacement: 100.00)

16 inch Log Slice

Item Numner 539
20.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacememt: 60.00) 

Silver Beaded Cake Plate

Item Number 586
12" in diameter 
12.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 40.00)

Birdie- Cake Stand

Item Number 8230
24" H × 24" W - Holds 3- 10inch or Smaller Cakes
50.00 to rent
(Cost of Replacement: 405.00)

Marly- Cake/ Cupcake Stand 

Item Number: 724
Holds 48 cupcakes, and then others can be placed around it. 
25.00 to rent 

Olive-  Log Cake Stand 

Item number #7
21" W × 21"L
$25.00 to rent

Lace Iron Cake/ Dessert Stands 

Item Number 101 & 102
3 are available, 2 being 10" in diameter, and the other being 16' in diameter. 

7.00 to rent the 10"

12.00 to rent the 16"

25.00 to rent all three

Whitewashed Cake Stand

Item Number 465
18 inches in Width
10.00 to rent 

Horseshoe Cake Stand 

Item Number 712
Will hold a 12 Inch Cake 
20.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement:95.00)

White Washed Geometric/ Honeycomb Cupcake Stand 

Item Number 348
30.00 to rent 
Great for Baby Showers and Parties! 
(Cost of Replacement: 175.00)

Dark walnut Honeycomb/ Geometric Cupcake Stand 

Item Number 365
30.00 to rent 
Great for baby showers and parties! 
(Cost of Replacement: 175.00)

Dark Walnut Sweet Treats Station 

Item Number 6394
20.00 to rent 

White Dessert Station

Item Number 7264
20.00 to rent 

Tired Cupcake Stand 

Item Number 9374
It will hold up to 80 cupcakes.
(Cost of Replacement: 170.00)

White Cake Plate 

Item Number 29469
13 inches in Diameter 
8.00 to rent 

Log Tiered Dessert Station 

This fantastic item is one our most popular pieces! 
It can hold 150 cupcakes, but it also can be used for pies and other desserts :) 
80.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 400.00)

Tiered Cake Stand 

Item Number 82639
The Top measures 10 inches while the bottom piece measures 12 inches. You can use both pieces or just one as it comes apart.
15.00 to rent 

Crate Dessert Display

Item number 4010
Includes 10 crates that are 8x8 in size
35.00 to rent the set :) 

Cake stand 

Item Number 6921
10.00 to rent 

White Cake Stand 

Item Number 692214” by 14”
15.00 to rent 

Cedar Log Cake Stand 

Item Number 6923
15.00 to rent 

Dark Walnut Cake Stand 

Item Number 9624
15.00 to rent 
14” by 14”

Gold cake stand 

Item Number 9625
12.00 to rent 

Geometric Cake Stand

Item Number 770
15.00 to rent 

Geometric Cake Stand 

Item Number 771
15.00 to rent 

Melody -cake/cupcake stand 

Item Number 772
Holds up to 112 cupcakes 
50.00 to rent 

Square Cake Stand 

Item Number 5422
10.00 to rent 

Vintage cupcake stand 

Item Number 8206
30.00 to rent 

Gold cake stand 

Item Number 8888
15.00 to rent 

White Elegant Cake Stand

Item Number 6545
20.00 to rent 

Geometric Cake Stand 

Item number 92638
The base is 16 inches wide and it is 23 inches tall 
Rent for $30.00
(Does not come with stand holding the cake.)

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