Our Inventory


Elizabeth - Wedding Arch

Item number 45
85 inches tall
Holds 60 pounds in flowers with 20 pounds of flowers at a point. 
75.00 to rent
Quantity available: 1

Wooden Pedastals 

Item Number 5853
2 different sizes available 
15.00 each to rent 

Photo Display Board

Item Number 932
36 inches tall
15.00 to rent 

Wooden Cross

Item number 599
8 foot tall
Absolutely beautiful! 
60.00 to rent. 

LOVE Marquee Lights

Item Number: 726
24 inches tall
1 set available 
Because of how large it is, it does have to be plugged in. 
50.00 to rent


Item # 4000
Its absolutely stunning! And its big enough for 2 small children. 
The flowers can be taken off of it. 
35.00 to rent 
(Replacement costs: 300.00)

Circle Arch

Item Number 5000
115 to rent 
Breaks into 3 pieces so that it can be brought into churches. 
(Cost of Replacememt: 500.00)

Moon Arch 

Item Number 4896
80 inches tall
85.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 335.00)

Popcorn Station

Item Number 5293
Station is 6' long and comes with 4 baskets.
It has holders on the sides for popcorn bags.
50.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 200.00)

Cookie Bar 

Our cookie bar is truly one of a kind! It will hold 72 cookies. 
40.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 300.00)

Sweet Treats Station

Item Number 2729
35.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 300.00) 

Copper Wedding Arch 

Gorgeous copper arch.Heavy duty and durable!
50.00 to rent 

Copper Wedding Arch 

Item Number 2649
100.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacement: 475.00)

Small Table 

Item Number 1749
18.00 to rent 

Gray Sweetheart Table 

Item Number 4827
45.00 to rent 

Wooden Pedestals 

Item Number 6392
We have 2 in each size available 
10.00 each or all for 50.00

Triangle Wedding Arch

Item Number 18363
100 to rent 

Cathedral Arch 

Item Number 29463
115.00 to rent 

Pretzel Station

Item Number 9626
30.00 to rent 

Burgundy Sequin Backdrop with Stand 

Item number 82210 foot by 10 foot 
Rent it for $50.00.

Gold Sequin Backdrop with Stand 

Item Number 823
10 foot by 10foot 
50.00 to rent 

Champagne Sequin Backdrop With Stand

Item Number 824
10 foot by 10 foot 
50.00 to rent 

Sophie- Drawer Table 

Item Number 770
20.00 to rent 

Daisy- White Accent Tables

Item Number 746
22 inch diameter, super cute!
2 available for rent.
40.00 to rent both 

Half Moon Table 

Item Number 747
72 inches in length 
25.00 to rent 

Mountain Scene Arch Trio

Item Number 1171
This include 3 pieces as shown above 
125.00 To rent 

White wash wedding arch 

Item Number 7710
75.00 to rent 

Molly- Wedding Arch 

Item Number 73689
100.00 to rent 

Diamond shaped wedding arch 

Item Number 74528
Easy to assemble and reassemble 
79 inches high
75.00 to rent 
(Will hold 50 pounds in flowers, 25 pounds at a point) 

Circle Wedding arch 

Item Number 69384
Easy to disassemble and reassemble 
Holds 50 pounds in flowers
75.00 to rent 
79 inches in height

Gold Sign Stand 

Item Number 020
30.00 to rent 

Tulle Fairy Light Backdrop

Item Number 98734
80.00 to rent 
17 foot in length. 

Geometric Copper Backdrop Trio

Item Number 43210
50.00 to rent 

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