Donut Walls and Stations


Large Donut Wall

Item Number 4008
This station holds up to 120 donuts and is the perfect piece to add a little extra to your special day!
50.00 to rent 

(Cost of Replacement: 350.00)

Medium Donut Wall

This item holds 56 donuts double stacked, 28 donuts single stacked.

Item Number 10
36"W× 26" H
50.00 to rent
(Cost of Replacement: 300.00)

Tabletop Donut Stand 

Item Number 2379
Holds roughly 60 donuts 
30.00 to rent 
(Cost of Replacememt: 95.00)

Donut Rings

Item Number 20
Each ring holds 12 donuts.
Quantity Available: 4
Rent for 8.00 each or 20.00 for all

Medium Size Donut Wall

Item Number 479
Holds 72 donuts 
50.00 to rent 
( Cost of Replacement: 275.00)

Large Donut Wall

Item Number 887
It stands on its own and is absolutely gorgeous! It will hold 70-105 donuts depending on the size of the donut. 
40.00 to rent 

Medium Donut Wall

Item Number 886
Will hold 25 to 50 donuts depending on the size of the donut. 
25.00 to rent 

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